There are growing calls for President Joe Biden to resign in the aftermath of a terrorist attack near Kabul, Afghanistan, airport.

“Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a failure and has ended with needless deaths and injuries,“ Miller-Meeks, a U.S. Army veteran and member of the House Homeland Security Committee, tweeted late Thursday say "Joe Biden should resign as Commander-In-Chief!“.

Similar calls are being made for Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State to resign following his inability and failure to contain the Afghanistan crisis as well as his contemptuous interference and support for the TPLF terrorist group in Ethiopia.

Blinken has been pushing for a regime change that Ethiopians in the United States fear could end no different from the fall of Afghanistan.

In a recent move seen as yet another blonder, the US imposed sanctions on a senior Eritrean military leader for engaging in human rights abuse in Tigray. But in reality, these sanctions should instead have applied to Getachew Redda who is believed to be a war criminal wanted for crimes in Ethiopia and subject to an arrest warrant.

The decision to sanction Eritrea surprises pundits as well as representatives of the United Nations operating in Ethiopia who on their part are yet to find any substantial evidence on the ground related to crimes accused on Ethiopian and Eritrean troops in the Tigray region. Thus, the media and non-governmental organizations that convey these lies have no support, no verifiable testimony, no pictures, no medical certificate certifying this type of violence.

Despite the steps taken by the government in Ethiopia to bring the crisis to an end, experts believe the efforts have been thwarted by the TPLF propaganda agenda and its US and European allies who are bend on changing the regime in Ethiopia. "Isn't the outcome in Afghanistan after US interference not serving as a great lesson to the world"? a political analyst questions.

The same faults, the same fake news from the media and non-governmental organizations were observed when secession was underway in Sudan. He added that "History doesn't forget the disaster of American policy in Libya, Syria and presently Afghanistan", warning that the world should not fold its arm and watch the same ill-intention US interference in Ethiopia.