What many have had as doubt or refused to acknowledge is gradually showing its ugly face. The EU Foreign Minister, Josep Borrel who had distinguished himself in urging for sanctions against Ethiopia with his accomplices are on a mission to, "get rid of Abiy and force him to deal with the TPLF at all cost".

Just like the FrancAfrique, known to organize coup d’états to put in place puppets who answer to France, a similar mission led by Europe and a Spanish foreign Minister is being planned in Ethiopia. Recall that before the invasion of Iraq, Libya and the attempted coup in Syria, a disguised humanitarian discourse was set as agenda.

A similar humanitarian Trojan horse with heavily funded media campaign is now underway in Ethiopia.

Observers have regretted how a country renowned for its democracy with a Nobel Peace Prize Prime Minister who has the reputation of respecting human rights much more than anyone in Africa dragged in the mud.

According to experts, paid Western media outlets have been propagating fabricated stories of crimes committed against a poor minority, thus, building an environment of famine to justify intervention with sanctions, which will create humanitarian corridors used to smuggle weapons and mercenaries dressed up as humanitarian operators.

The Ethiopian government has been demanding accountability for the billions of dollars stolen by the government led by the TPLF in complicity with many European and American leaders, however, the move is being frustrated with threats, various blackmail and evidently destabilization actions.

Analyst have recalled that George Bush and his advisers made up fabricated excuses to intervene in Iraq, citing that a similar tragedy is repeating itself in Ethiopia today, with the European Union taking the lead in a bit to archive their selfish interest.

Ethiopia faced condemnation at the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva for the so-called crimes committed in Tigray at the initiative of EU countries. Meanwhile, the Commission failed to mention the real crimes committed in the past during the TPLF government of Meles Zenawi against the Oromo and Amhara. Many believe the Commission has ridiculed itself.

During the voting, some countries as well as six African countries abstained for fear of reprisals. If they had voted against, the resolution would not have passed. Once again, Africa endures the most of its woes.

Observers have lamented that if Africans do not rise up and speak in one voice, it will again allow these mercenaries disguised in humanitarian aid to dictate her policies.

It is now time for African solutions to African problems. Africa has watched how help masked in humanitarian aid has ended up killing Africans and killing the aspirations for independence. Africa must therefore be able to determine her own destiny without colonialist intervention. Hence, the continent is urged to rally its support for Ethiopia against the West’s criminal project. Sadly enough, the western media against the government of Abiy have already spread misinformation and lies.  This lies conveyed and financed by the terrorist movement TPLF, supported by those who financed and armed Bin Laden in its infancy to overthrow a legitimate government in Afghanistan.


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