Eritrea could not give a cold shoulder to a malevolent UN report on rights violation in Eritrea and in Ethiopia’s Tigray region presented by its special rapporteur Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker to the UN council on June 21, 2021. Through its ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Eritrean government slams and refutes in all strongest terms the latest report, which puts Eritrea’s human rights record on the ‘bad book’.

The ministry reiterates that this recent report simple represents a plethora of malicious, unfounded and propagated reports, which have flooded news outlets regarding the country’s international rights record and its stance on the crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. A statement from the Foreign Ministry read, ‘the report repeats many of the same unsubstantiated allegations that have characterized previously published reports following the establishment of the special rapporteur’s (SR) mandate in 2012’’. Of what use is this position, when it only serves the interest of those wanting to create a seed of discord in Eritrea. These detractors have used the strongest tool, the media, to spread speculative, unbalanced and subjective reports on human rights records in Eritrea and Tigray. All these politically pushed reports and allegations of sexual violence and other war crimes perpetrated in Tigray by supposed Eritrean forces are based on what is heard through the grapevine. Failure by foreign powers including the United States of America to infringe in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia and Eritrea, two sovereign states, has resulted to publication of unverified human rights violation reports tagging the Ethiopian and Eritrean defense forces. Of what use is the position of the special rapporteur if he works for the interest of those seeking the destabilization and departure of strong Eritrean leadership? The Eritrean delegate on Monday June 22, revealed to the forum that the Special Rapporteur's role was good as not existing for its work since 2020, has largely been subjective and may cause more harm than good. According to the Eritrean Foreign Ministry, these reports have often neglected the earnest progress and achievements of the government in every sphere, thus their authenticity remains questionable. Since November 2020, the Ethiopian government has been struggling to curtail the crisis in the Tigray region in which the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), has remained defiant -, downplaying all call for peace by the Abiy Ahmed led government. About 2 million people are reported to have been displaced as a result.

U.N. special rapporteur claims Eritrea has 'effective control' in parts of Tigray

As the saying goes ‘’every dog has its day’’, an opportunity presented itself for UN special rapporteur Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker to comment on Eritrea’s role in the Tigray crisis and he blatantly, without fear of contempt said that Eritrea has 'effective control' in parts of Tigray. Before the UN human rights council, Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, reiterated that since taking the special task of a UN rapporteur on Eritrea in 2020, there have been gross violation of human rights including summary execution, abduction and disappearance of Eritrean refugees in Tigray. He underlined; "According to information that I have, Eritrea has an effective control over the Tigray region...especially in the two camps: Hitsats and Shimelba," referring to camps in Tigray that house refugees from Eritrea. However, his report fell short of providing the methodology used in collecting data and apparently lacks official figures from the Eritrean government, thus questioning the whole process and revealing the complex nature of the Geopolitical game taking place in the crisis region. For more than a decade now, the Geneva based council had just one mission of dragging Eritrea to the dust, using politically oriented and faulty reports. Being unresponsive to the reports would place Eritrea between a rock and a hard place, thus it was necessary to immediately respond to the latest report, which may further jeopardize Eritrea’s image before its international trade partners.

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