In an effort to move towards the attainment of a Universal Health Care coverage, reduce poverty through improving access to health care delivery at all levels, the Kingdom of Eswatini has maintained access to free health services.

Healthcare services are free in Eswatini, according to the Minister of Health, Senator Lizzy Nkose “when you are 60 and above, you don’t pay for hospital bills, in the same light, if you are 6 and below, you equally don’t pay to get treated".. Hospital services in the Kingdom of Eswatini charge only E10 per visit ( less than 1 US dollar). You can get the whole of your treatment at almost nothing.

According to Senator Nkose, 13% of the government's budget is directed to the health sector.

In 2020, the Kingdom of Eswatini was celebrated as the only country worldwide to have achieved and surpassed the 2030 global HIV treatment targets.

Despite challenges posed by the global health pandemic Covid-19, the Kingdom has been able to overcome them and stands tall despite heavy repercussions suffered by neighbouring countries like South Africa and beyond.

The battle to eliminate the virus in Eswatini is thanks to good management and well-equiped health structures.

As the southern region await a possible fourth wave of the Covid pandemic by December, the Minister says every hospital has been equipped with what it needs in terms of oxygen, drugs and staff training.

Minister Nkose further highlights that Emaswati suffering from Diabetes don’t pay for dialysis “government pays dialysis for all patience which is estimated at E4000 per session".

The growing economy of Eswatini boasts of 350 health facilities divided into clinics, hospitals and health centres. In terms of accessibility, road networks have been established to eased access to healthcare structures around the country.