Are Europe And The USA Trying To Get Rid Of Abiy And Replace Him With Someone They Can Easily Manipulate?

It might appear that Europe and the USA are currently looking for a replacement of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed; noble peace prize winner. But Why?

The population of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia were preparing to begin a new chaper after efforts made by the Ethiopian and Eritrean defense forces to restore law and order, maintain lasting peace and stability throughout the region guaranteed by the respective governments.

These efforts are being thwarted with the objective to destabilize the region by overthrowing the power of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, noble peace prize winner through a major "Disinformation Campaign", championed by the new US administration led by Susan Rice.

This disinformation campaign is funded primarily by the hundreds of millions of dollars that the TPLF amassed during its 27 years in power while plundering Ethiopia's resources.

In a bit to dramatize the humanitarian situation in Tigray, major media including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, France 24, the New York Times and other influential media and accomplice-NGOs have turned to accuse the Eritrean and Ethiopian defense forces of all sorts of crimes.

Pundits believe the objective is to create the base for a “humanitarian” intervention as in Iraq, Libya and to change the course of history in the region with the risk of repeating the serious mistakes made in these countries: "Mistakes that are still visible in these countries"

Have we not learned anything from history?

In a bit to replace Abiy with someone they can control or use as their poppet, the EU and the USA have decided to side with the terrorist movement of the TPLF. Wonder how those who present themselves as champions of human rights would want to bring back to power those responsible for the worst crimes in Ethiopia in place of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

"Saving Debrezion to put him in power at all costs is the leitmotif in Washington and Brussels"

In a bit to achive their objective, they started by proposing sanctions to the Security Council without success, thanks to the strong opposition of China and Russia in particular, then by creating a common strategy between the EU Minister of Foreign Affairs Borrel and State Secretary Blinken to put pressure on Ethiopia and try to weaken it by all means.

This common strategy prepared by Rondos, advisor to Borrel who boasts of having a great influence on Blinken took shape with the appointment of Special Envoy Felkman very close to Susan Rice and who was mandated to achieve the following goals:

- Get rid of the Ethiopian PM Abiy with the help of the EU to replace him with the head of the TPLF Debrezion who is on the run in the Tigray desert and that he must save at all costs.

- Help Egypt on the 'disputed dam' in exchange for active support against Abiy via the Sudan.

Despite the exploratory mandate displayed by Special Envoy Felkman suggesting that he will go to the region to listen to all parties, his hostile statements made before his departure betray the determination of the US administration to intervene directly to hand over power to TPLF in Ethiopia.

"They failed to understand that any intervention on their part will have catastrophic consequences not only in Ethiopia but throughout the Horn of Africa and beyond"

Analysts say that the EU and USA are failing to understand that distabilizing Abiy today, means creating a situation of permanent distabilization that is worse than that of Libya, Syria and Iraq all put together with decades of ethnic wars and tens of millions of refugees and criminals.

Further analysis highlights that US president Joe Biden risks leaving a very heavy legacy if he does not take the time to understand all the situation in Ethiopia.

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