Since the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) switched from politics to secessionist war, Ethiopia has been vilified internationally by Non-Governmental Organizations and the media, for violation of human rights, in particular, sexual abuse and violence against women and children. Yes, it's the sound of the same guitar that encourages secession States, played wisely by mainstream media and some non-governmental organizations (NGOs)! Sensational and nothing but sensational! Anecdotal Information, based on no investigation, accuses the regular Ethiopian army of serious human rights violations including sexual violence. But the media and non-governmental organizations NGOs that convey these lies have no support, no verifiable testimony, no pictures, no medical certificate certifying this type of violence! Real anecdotes! As seen elsewhere.

1- / As in Darfur, in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Cameroon, Ethiopia is facing similar lying conspiracy from media and non-governmental organizations.

On the sidelines of a joint meeting of the United Nations Team in Ethiopia, held on March 26, 2021, bringing together the main social actors officiating under the aegis of the Organization of the United Nations, namely, the High Commission to Refugees UNHCR, the World Food Program (UNFPA), the United Nations for Development (UNDP), the United Nations Commission for human rights (UNCHR) etc ..., observation was unanimous that the information disseminated and distilled in and by the media (print media, networks social, television, radio) and reports from non-governmental organizations on sexual violence done to women and children in the Tigray region do not have reliable sources and of which are only anecdotes and sensational! The United Nations team in Ethiopia notes that otherwise field checks, this information should be taken with great caution since it is not supported by elements palpable and reliable databases. The regular Ethiopian is therefore accused wrongly for sexual abuse on the female populations, women and children!

For proof, DENNIA GAYLE, World Food Program stationed in ETHIOPIA says she was awakened on March 24, 2021, two days before the meeting, by gruesome news that the World Food Program will leave Ethiopia after the rescue houses where the program protects sexually abused women and children have all been destroyed by elements of the Ethiopian regular army in Tigray. Dennia GAYLE cries sensational, shameless lies. This is the operating mode of troublemakers in States when they want to destabilize it through secession and weakening, separatism. The same faults, the same fake news from the media and non-governmental organizations were observed when secession was underway in Sudan! the Darfur was the place of the imagination of all the alleged atrocities of the Sudanese regular army. Eventually, Sudan was divided! In Cameroon, the same media and the same Non-Governmental Organizations disseminate false information and false reports on the human rights situation in the two regions of the North West and South West in Civil War! The case of Ethiopian is therefore no stranger to Africans and the international public.

The Ethiopian government has been making efforts to bring before the public eyes, updating on the truth who alone destroys this lie and this international conspiracy against this historic State!