The Ethiopian government through its spokesperson has questioned the motive of some of its partners particularly given the public statements and pronouncements, they made recently.

In recent days, the Ethiopian government has come under what it describes as concerted campaign to exert undue pressure. Statements and pronouncements as well as the fake news and speculations propagated through the media speak volumes in this regard.

Since the terrorist attacks by the TPLF which resulted in a humanitarian crisis, the Ethiopian government has engaged relentless efforts to positively and constructively tackle concerns raised by partners. Unfortunately, the efforts have been given cold shoulders by some partners who seem to be short of showing a genuine desire to understand and help Ethiopia overcome its current challenges, rather, their actions have been counterproductive and exacerbating the situation.

The Ethiopian government unequivocally made its position clear on some salient issues through its spokesperson.

1/ Humanitarian response in the Tigray region

Contrary to false reports that Ethiopian and Eritrean troops are blocking food aid, the Ethiopian government has demonstrated its willingness and commitment to work with the international community to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. It has also provided full and unhindered access for humanitarian actors to operate in all parts of the region. It acknowledged that due to security issues, accessing some pocket areas were difficult but have now been addressed. The spokesperson said.

The challenge at hand is quite to the contrary and it is related to issues of capacity and resource. This is well known by humanitarian actors operating in the region

2. On allegations of human rights abuses