How Command and C2FC is Using Lethal Journalism to Conduct Information Warfare against Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been one of Africa's greatest sucess story since the coming into office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. His rapid transformation of the country and ending of a long standing between Ethiopia and Eritrea earned him the title of a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

However, Africans have watched the progress made over the past years being watered down by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which had long disproportionately dominated the federal government and has a reputation for iron-fisted rule and fomenting interethnic violence as its principal source of power. Since the Tigray crisis erupted in November 2020 when the TPLF seized over the Tigray region attacking the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, paid Western media outlets have been propagating fabricated stories of crimes committed against a poor minority. Thus, building an environment of famine to justify intervention with sanctions, which will create humanitarian corridors used to smuggle weapons and mercenaries covered up as humanitarian operations. Other coercive measures have been used in a bid to force Ethiopia to return political space to now-defunct TPLF.

There have been pressure from the West, particularly the US, on Ethiopia to cease military operations and engage in dialogue with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which experts had warned could prove counterproductive and further destabilize the country.

However, a new narrative is unfolding in the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia.

It has been revealed that the Command and Control Fusion Center (C2FC) is using Project Basma’s scheme to attack Ethiopia’s will for survival as a sovereign nation-state, besides priming it for either regime attenuation or regime change.

Project Basma was used to enable intelligence operations to be cloaked as humanitarian activism, allowing for covert priming of Syria for regime change.

The US and its European allies are seeking to break Ethiopia and hand over power to the TPLF, and then allow the ethno-regional states to use referendum to vote for secession, which the central government will accept. The Ethiopian crisis has witnessed moderating and controlling media cove