Pressure is gradually mounting on the WHO chief to resign, following accusations that he is using his position to misinform international public opinion on the situation in Tigray.

In a recent outing, the head of the World Health Organization described the situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as "horrific". A narrative which clearly contradicts the true situation in Tigray.

Observers have stated categorically that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus belongs to the terrorist TPLF organization which has been propagating fake news and propaganda. It should be recalled that large sums embezzled by the leaders of this Tigrayan terrorist organization when it was in power in Ethiopia is now being used to convince and sponsor their propaganda theory.

Sources inside the US State Department confirm that TPLF used the same stolen money to convince Republican and Democratic members of Congress to take a stand against the Ethiopian government under the pretext of a serious humanitarian crisis which would justify direct intervention in the country.

Contrary to false reports that Ethiopian and Eritrean troops were blocking food aid, the Ethiopian government has demonstrated its willingness and commitment to work with the international community to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. It has also provided full and unhindered access for humanitarian actors to operate in all parts of the region. Tedros during the new conference in Geneva said 91% of the population in Tigray need food aid. Analyst believe that exaggerating the situation is a means to justify the intervention of US whose interest is to replace the noble peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed with someone they can easily control.