The kingdom of Eswatini and formerly still known in English as Swaziland, being the smallest country in African and the last standing monarchy is known for its friendliness, a kingdom that embraces and upholds its unique and ancient traditions, guarding them and proudly celebrates them.

Besides being the smallest, the Kingdom compensate its lack of size with a variety of wild animals in protected natural reserves, prolific birdlife and breathtaking scenery. This has made the little kingdom a site attraction. Every year, the Kingdom receives thousands of visitors who flog into the country to enjoy these unique attractions.

In a bit to make the country more open to visitors from around the world and coming from neighbouring countries, King Mswati lll has for long embarked on a move to develop a high-quality infrastructure comparable with the top international model by the year 2022.

With barely one year to realizing this vision, the results are already quite visible to anyone who visit the kingdom of Eswatini.

With several infrastructural developments already being put in place to meet international standards, the Manzini -Mbadlane highway project is one of the key projects in the country and is near completion. According to the Projects Manager, all challenges have been surmounted and over 95% of the job has already been done.

The Manzini-Mbadlane Highway Project entails the dualisation of an existing 30km single car