When Tedros Adhanom in 2017 ascended the position of World Health Organization boss, Africa was overwhelmed with joy and felt a sense of recognition as its own people had started taken top jobs /positions at the global level. However, the advent of the corona virus and the subtle sliding of Ethiopia into tribal war largely exposed the weaknesses of the Ethiopian health official who has increasingly attracted criticism for directly supporting the Tigray forces, which have rendered Ethiopia turbulent in recent times.

Tedros Adhanom, Spokesperson of the TPLF terrorist organization!

Tedros has proven himself as a sworn enemy to the Ethiopian government by backing the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front TPLF in their offensive against the administration of Nobel Peace laureate Abiy Ahmed. The WHO official acts as a liaison between the external world and the terrorists organization. Being the most renowned high profile Tigrayan abroad and backed by the USA, Tedros Adhanom has abused his power by undermining the efforts of PM Abiy Ahmed in his pursuit to regain the Tigray region which has fallen prey to foreign powers aiming for the untimely departure of PM minister ABIY Ahmed, a strong peace advocate who has shown commendable achievements not only in Ethiopia but in the Horn of Africa region. The coming of ABIY Ahmed into power after the leadership of then PM Hailemariam Desalegn, prefigured a new era for Ethiopia in terms of mending ties and bringing long lost peace between Ethiopia’s neighbours including Eritrea.

However, foreign propaganda and the quest to calve a sphere of influence by some powers have directly launched an attack on the PM, using Tedros Adhanom , a renowned Tigrayan to achieve their aim. Notwithstanding, PM Abiy Ahmed had seen this coming when he said ’’Conquest and militarism” was tearing Africa apart, making the rich continent more vulnerable. With the military might of the Federal government, it is no doubt that the PM will win this war of terrorism by the TPLF. In recent times, Tedros has used the war in Tigray to discredit Ahmed’s efforts in building a peaceful Ethiopia at the international level, describing the situation as ‘horrific’. The political maneuver to bring disorder and derail Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been raging since 2018, awkwardly, the enemy has just been hung to the cross as the PM has abreast himself with the situation on ground, expressing a strong zeal and zing to defeat the forces of destabilsation in the horn of Africa nation.