The Tigray region at the verge of becoming a rear haven for terrorists.

The Tigray region risks becoming a rear haven for terrorists

A day after the government of Prime Minister ABIY Ahmed called for a truce to end the war in the restive Tigray region, reports emerged of gruesome attacks perpetrated by the Tigray Defense Forces against civilians and military loyal to the central government. Dozens of administrators considered loyal to PM Abiy were ferociously massacred by the TPLF. These inhumane acts have questioned the decision by the Ethiopian government to call for a ceasefire and pull back of the military from Mekelle, as the Tigray region seems to have been made vulnerable and engulfed by terrorists. The fate of university students, residing in Tigray hangs in a balance. Their families have urgently called on the prime Minister for the timely intervention, which would prevent them from yielding to the terrorists’ demands.

The massive pullout of Eritrean troops masterminded by the international community and recently by Ethiopia has given greater leeway to the TPLF forces to continue with their attacks aimed at destabilization of the horn of Africa Nation, which Abiy Ahmed vowed to rebuild since taking over the order of command in 2018. The United States in conjunction with the European Union have been swayed by the Tigrayan forces, who used humanitarian crisis to win their confidence and support. Misinformation and subjective reporting about the events in Tigray by main stream media, representing the TPLF as the victim also cajoled the international community, forcing them to support terrorists presenting as victims. The US and the EU can largely be blamed if Tigray remains trapped by terrorists and further destabilized. The recent manifestations in Mekele and the outright declarations of war against other ethnic groups, especially Amhara contradict the statements of hundreds of thousands of people starving in recent weeks who cried to the EU and the United states. It is very clear the Tigray forces have one mission, to destabilise Tigray and bring down the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Chief in command of the TPLF defied and challenged the PM’s peace offer, vowing to continue with its hideous attacks, until Tigray gains its autonomy and serve as a harbour for repressive terrorists groups. Does history want to repeat itself in Ethiopia? What are forces of destabilization looming around the East African Region? After Iraq, Libya and Syria, Western countries are at the verge of bringing Ethiopia into ruins, where its vulnerability would render East Africa susceptible to foreign interference.

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