TPLF destroys the Tekeze Bridge essential for aid delivering in Tigray.

Confirmed reports from the Tigray region say forces loyal to TPLF have destroyed a bridge that is crucial to delivering desperately needed food to much of Ethiopia’s  Tigray region.

According to the International Rescue Committee, the destruction of the bridge over the Tekeze River means aid efforts will be severely hampered.

Expert suggests that the bridge was destroyed to prevent humanitarian aid delivery which is due to be sent to the population hard affected by the armed conflict.

Why TPLF forces destroyed the bridge

Aid delivery to Tigray is normally transported through Gojam and Beghemidi in Ethiopia.

Whereas, the TPLF want the aid delivery to pass through Sudan. Their objective is to oblige international donor organizations to open a "humanitarian corridor" with Sudan which will enable them to smuggle arms and telecommunications equipment to continue the war.

The malicious strategy sources say have been inspired by western friends of the TPLF whose primary interest is to see the Tigray region in ruins.


A day after the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called for a truce to end the war in the restive Tigray region, reports emerged of gruesome attacks perpetrated by the Tigray Defense Forces against civilians and military loyal to the central government. Dozens of administrators considered loyal to PM Abiy were ferociously massacred by the TPLF.

Aid Delivery option

Experts suggest the port of Massawa in Eritrea could be a feasible solution for aid delivery if the conditions permitted. This option would have the advantage of lowering

tensions and deliver humanitarian aid more easily.

Meanwhile, Ethiopians have been called to remain vigilant as forces of destabilisation loom in the East African region.

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