Thousands at risk of food crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray region after TPLF forces destroyed the Tekeze bridge. Aid groups say the destruction will hamper help to areas hard hit by the armed conflict.

Confirmed reports say TPLF forces destroyed the bridge to prevent food aid from passing through Gojam and Beghemidi in Ethiopia, but rather through Sudan.

The TPLF aims to deviate the transport route, which will force international aid groups to open a "humanitarian corridor" with Sudan. Experts unpin that the objective of the TPLF is to use this humanitarian corridor as a smuggling route for arms and telecommunications equipment to continue the war.

Sources reveal that this malevolent strategy was suggested by western friends of the TPLF who seek nothing but to see Ethiopia in ruins.

The bridge destruction comes few days after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had announced an immediate ceasefire in the Tigray region. Reports from the region disclose that several loyalists to the Ethiopian government were massacre by TPLF forces a day after the announced ceasefire.

There are just four main roads into the Tigray region of 6 million people and now only one might be passable. The use of the port of Massawa in Eritrea could be a feasible solution for international donors if conditions permit. This option would have the advantage of lowering tensions and channelling humanitarian aid more easily.

However, while Ethiopians have been called to remain vigilant, experts analyse that the Tigray forces have one mission; to destabilise Tigray and bring down the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The TPLF chief has vowed to continue with its attacks to take over Tigray and turn it into a harbour for repressive terrorist groups.

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