Life has never been the same for Ethiopians living in Tigray, ever since a war that was sparked by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF’s attack on an army base in the area on November 3, 2020. Many innocent lives have been lost and hundreds of thousands people displaced due to a group of people’s greed for control and power.

In all the chaos that has been going on in the Tigray region in the past months, all the blame has been directed towards the Ethiopian government, while the real authors of the act, the TPLF have been portrayed as the victim, especially by western media. It is reported that in recent times, ethnic Tigrayan members of the TPLF, have gained access to many international organizations directly or indirectly. Some of these renowned organisations that have been targeted include NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, broadcasters such as the BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, CNN, or even various UN agencies such as the UNHCR, WFP, and WHO. Undeniably, propaganda at every level is creating many problems for the peace process initiated in the Horn of Africa by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. In Ethiopia, for example, the local personnel of these organizations are thought to be ethnic Tigrayan militants who respond with military discipline to the orders of their elites, who take advantage of their extensive resources to exploit the only weapon available to them today, which is propaganda. This therefore explains the one-sided media campaign in favour of the TPLF which is seen in reports that portray them as the victims of the war. This infiltration strategy that has been prepared and supported by the Central Committee of the TPLF for the past 20 years is being facilitated by some Tigrayans that were accepted as Eritrean refugees in Europe and the United States, who now use their refugee status to support the disinformation media campaign against the Abiy government. Independent journalist, Ann Garrison stated recently that the terrorist TPLF groups were war provokers who have tried to internationalize the conflict and thought that the US would stand by their side as the US has become a long time rivalry of Eritrea. She further stated that whenever the US wants to go somewhere to create chaos and faces resistance to its Empire, it starts talking about genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and prefers intervening in internal affairs to leaving countries solve their problems under the guise of humanitarian assistance.

The current events in Tigray is a long-planned war, hugely released by the TPLF, but also fought with the unconscious support of the West which was apparently deceived by a media campaign designed to unreasonably portray Tigrayans as victims of ethnic cleansing”. This can be further explained by latest confessions from some honest workers of some of these renowned organisations who have exposed propagation of false information about alleged rape and sexual violence in Tigray without tangible evidence. A recently leaked audio clip exposed that the UN agencies in Ethiopia and East Africa have not obtained concrete evidence that confirm the alleged reports of a widespread rape and sexual violence was committed during the federal government’s law enforcement operation in Tigray. Also the latest confessions of some ethiopian teenagers in the region