Despite the spate of heinous reprisal attacks for weeks now by the TPLF remnant forces and allied militias against Eritreans in the so-called “refuge camps”, it is regrettable that these deplorable attacks have been overlooked by mainstream, corporate, media.

Although it is not surprising to many, most western media outlets have either totally ignored or greatly downplayed the TPLF’s insurrectionist acts of war even when it threatens regional peace and stability.

The UNHCR is believed to have predictably, joined this chorus of silence by not issuing a statement accusing “all involved parties”. This is no doubt to many who have accused the UNHCR of flagrantly abusing its institutional mandate to spearhead a campaign targeting Eritrean youth.

Between May 1998 and June 2000, Eritrea and TPLF-led Ethiopia fought the largest and deadliest conventional war in contemporary African history with enormous human and material damages.

The war was the result of the TPLF’s expansionist policies, as well as its desire to roll back Eritrea’s independence. The TPLF and its allies initiated multifaceted efforts to attain their goals which included “isolation, destabilization, sanctions and economic warfare, vilification and psychological operations, and degrading the country’s ability to develop or defend itself”.

Even as the TPLF militarily occupied large swathes of sovereign Eritrean territory and carried out repeated military attacks in direct violation of international law and UN agreements, the West, led by the US, showered it with billions in aid and military armaments, shielded it from all criticism or censure, and provided it with vital diplomatic and political cover.

Meanwhile, Western-financed groups, including Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, and Amnesty International, among others, worked closely with the TPLF to produce an incessant stream of disinformation, denigration and smears against Eritrea.

TPLF officials and US diplomats in 2009 and 2011, incessantly lobbied Western governments to cut off aid to, investment in, and cooperation with Eritrea, in a bit to make the economy scream” and “strangling” the country into submission.