United Nations agencies operating in Eritrea had attested since March this year that they had no concrete evidence of rights violations allegedly committed by the Eritrean troops.

However, the United States has instead moved to impose sanctions on a senior Eritrean military leader for engaging in human rights abuse in Tigray.

Sanctions that observers believe should have been applied to the war criminal Getachew Redda who is also being prosecuted for crimes in Ethiopia and subject to an arrest warrant. The decision to sanction Eritrea thus surprises everyone interested in the Ethiopia crisis including the representatives of the United Nations in Ethiopia who on their part are yet to find any evidence related to crimes against civilians blamed on Eritrean troops.

Experts explained that the decision has been motivated by the concern of setbacks recently suffered by the TPLF on all the open fronts in Ethiopia. Thus the aim is to "divert attention from the atrocious crimes perpetrated in Ethiopia in recent weeks by the TPLF.

"Try to prevent an Eritrean intervention in the conflict in support of its ally Ethiopian, feared by the TPLF".

The withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray lead to the TPLF moving from Tigray with the support of Washington to attack, Afar, Amhara and Oromo regions.

With Washington hoping to overthrow the government in Ethiopia, their goal is to weaken the Abiy government and force it to negotiate with the terrorist movement.

This explains why the TPLF has called on its American allies to prevent a return of Eritrean troops which they fear most. However, military analysts hold that Ethiopia might not be needing Eritrean intervention to end the destabilization attempts of TPLF. The determination of the Ethiopian government and army, which has attracted great support from the people, is enough to prevent the destabilization and the break-up of the country desired by the TPLF and its external allies. Meanwhile, observers of world politics have questioned if the disaster of American policy in Libya, Syria and currently in Afghanistan does not seem