Ethiopians both home and abroad have been raising concerns on what could really be the interest of the US in Ethiopia.

In a recent move to express their dissatisfaction, Eritreans and Ethiopians in Washington took to the streets denouncing the interference in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia is not an American colony  

 It will appear that the US is looking for means to replace Abiy with someone they can easily manipulate.   

Since the terrorist attack by the TPLF, several international news outlets have focused their report on disseminating fake news and propaganda furnished to them by the TPLF. 


CNN makes a false report on the Tigray

Sources inside the US State Department confirmed that a widely circulated report in recent days on the situation in the Ethiopian region of Tigrai was commissioned by CNN to justify the American position in favor of an intervention to save what remains of the TPLF terrorist organization which is explicitly supported always by the powerful Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser of Obama who uses his former Blinken assistant and current Secretary of State to dictate policy in the Horn of Africa.